Hello, my name is Montalis "Monty" Anglade. 
I'm a creative first and for fun I'm a music innovator at Soulection and artist developer at Subtle. 
I've been exclusively using my S7 Active to take photos and videos since September 16th, 2016.

Pushing people to use what they have, I've helped them realize
the right phone is all they need to capture moments.
I'm not just creating memories, I’m creating art.
Step into my galaxy.

Photography Activations


The Strategy


I’d like to partner with Samsung to create unique musical and photo interactive experiences, while continuing to be a subtle ambassador/influencer for the brand. I'm going to make people question, why they don't own a Samsung.

Being partnered with Samsung would allow me to create and organize various photography activations deliver appealing content to a wider audience by creating authentic and compelling narratives entirely with a Samsung device. As a result, the gained audience will be impressed by the high-quality content and question why they’ve never owned a Samsung product before. Being aware of our shared dedication to creativity, innovation and the community, I’m confident our partnership will be successful.

3 ideas to create experience with our partnership

Exclusive Photo Activations
• What does it look like?
- With your assistance, I'd like organize exclusive events, where people can test new samsung devices at a unique experience. I'd like create experiences like getting access to a museum after hours and allowing people to test the latest samsung device to take photos. The photo event would be open to all and Samsung would give guests the ability to trial run the phone while experiencing the museum.   
• Who is a apart of it?
- I would organize the events by bringing the photography, music and general community together.
• What they get out of it? 
- From the initiative, Samsung, would be responsible for being a part of organizing a creative community experience. Samsung would also receive photo content captured on their devices, a hashtag to follow, content capturing the event, tutorial content (teaching people various photo features of the phone), and have the content live on various platforms to continue to showcase samsung's ability to innovate.
• Goal
- Together we can create memorable moments that people will never forget, while educating people on the possibilities of a samsung device. 

Music Retreat
Having Samsung sponsor and capture elements of a musical retreat would showcase Samsung's ability to highlight who is up next musically, all while highlighting the visuals, which would be shot using strictly their phones. 
• What does it look like?
Samsung would have the opportunity of being apart of upcoming musicians start, by organizing musical retreats for creatives. Artists could travel to a new location (especially if they've never traveled before) and create. Artists would travel to a new place (ex: Iceland, South Korea, Spain, Japan, etc.) and from being inspired they would create a song or EP showcasing the trip. The series + EP can be called something unique that would carry on Samsung's name through the artist, the content and music. For example calling the the project "Step Into My Galaxy" or "My Galaxy". 
• Who is a apart of it?
I would organize and manage the retreats, I would bring on a small production team to capture content (beginning to end), we would bring the musicians to the new location to create music for a week or weekend.
• What they get out of it?
Samsung would showcase how they are in-tune with rising musicians before their big break and turn rising musicians into ambassadors of the brand. The same way a sneaker brand would sponsor a summer camp for basketball, Samsung would get be involved with musicians earlier on in their career. 
• Goal
- Highlighting rising artists (Work in Progress)



All videos shot on Samsung S7 Active
No fancy editing, just simple tints/shading.



All photos shot and edited on Samsung S7 Active
View larger resolution here.  



I'm a member of Unsplash which is an industry-leading photography community. All photos published on Unsplash can be used for free. Users can use them for commercial, noncommercial purposes and platforms incorporate Unsplash's api. From uploading 42 of my samsung photos onto Unsplash on February 17th, 2018, below are stats I've received since April 12th 2018.